Arsenal appoints Unai Emery as the new coach

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Arsenal appoints Unai Emery as the new coach

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Unai Emery was named as Arsenal’s new head coach on Wednesday, following Arsene Wenger's link sbo decision to leave the team after 22 years. Former Paris Saint-Germain coach, Emery, announced earlier that he would leave the French champion by the end of the season without mentioning his destination, which has been revealed today on Arsenal official website. Emery,link sbo coached around seven teams, but his name rose with Sevilla where he managed to lead the team to achieve three UEFA Europa League titles in 2014, 2015 and 2016. Afterwards, he took the lead of the French PSG in June 2016, where he led the team to win the French Premiere League title 2017/2018; two French Cups in 2017,2018; French League Cup 2016/2017 and two French Super Cups in 2017, 2018. Arsenal posted on their official Twitter account a video showing Unai Emery arriving in Emirates stadium, and taking a tour inside the players’ locker room and his new office. link sbo
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