Real Madrid held Neymar transfer talks in Liverpool

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Real Madrid held Neymar transfer talks in Liverpool

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The Neymar soap opera shows no sign of abating after the player was caught with a Real Madrid emissary whilst in Liverpool with the Brazilian national team.Regardless of who the future Los Blancos coach will be,แทง บอล ฟรี it appears that both player and club want the move to happen. Contact with Real Madrid has been constant, but at the meeting a week ago, the two parties again made clear their course of action, before they take the final step of bringing Paris Saint-Germain into the negotiations. The purpose of the journey of the Madrid emissary to แทง บอล ฟรี the English city was actually to tie up the signing of the young Rodrygo, a circumstance that occurred despite the Santos president's attempt to get more millions at the last moment and with the deal already closed. Neymar hasn't changed his idea of playing at Real, and the main purpose of this new meeting was to verify that. He reiterated that his desire is to achieve a scenario in which PSG will open a door that for the moment is closed.
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