The Highest-Paid EPL Players After Kane Extension

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The Highest-Paid EPL Players After Kane Extension

โพสต์โดย BoySmile » อังคาร 19 มิ.ย. 2018 10:49 am

England captain Harry Kane recently แทง บอล signed a bumper new contract with Tottenham Hotspur, becoming the club's highest-paid player amid interest from Real Madrid. Here is how his wages compare to the league's other top earners.Spurs boss Daniel Levy has smashed the club's wage structure to give Kane a six-year contract worth up to £62.4 million (R1.12 billion), according to the Daily Telegraph.The 24-year-old, who has scored 140 goals in 213 games for the Lilywhites, was reportedly targeted by Los Blancos, but has now committed himself to the Premier League แทง บอล side.It is believed that Kane's new six-year deal could earn him £200 000 (R3.6 million) a week including bonuses, which is about double his previous deal.However, Kane still remains far behind the EPL's current record earner Alexis Sanchez, who reportedly pockets £500 000 (R9 million) a week.Mesut Ozil follows in แทง บอล second place with weekly wages of £350 000, while Paul Pogba completes the podium with £290 000 (R5.2 million).Kane's new deal, meanwhile, has seen him climb into 10th position among the highest-paid players in England – you can find the full list in the gallery above.
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Re: The Highest-Paid EPL Players After Kane Extension

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Re: The Highest-Paid EPL Players After Kane Extension

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