Four changes in Saudi Arabia's line-up against Uruguay

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Four changes in Saudi Arabia's line-up against Uruguay

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Saudi Arabia Argentinean manager, Juan Antonio Pizzi,3mbet decided to make four changes in the team’s starting line-up at their second game of the World Cup against Uruguay. Pizzi replaced Abdullah al-Mayouf, OmarHusawi,Yahya al-Shihri and Mohamed el Sahlawi with Mohammed al-Owais, Alial-Bulaihi, HattanBahebri and Fahadal-Muwallad.Pizzi's starting line-up for the game consists of:
HattanBahebri, Abdullah Otif, Salman al-Faraj, Taisir al-Jassim, Salem al Dosari

Fahad Al-Muwallad. It's clear that we have other priorities, beyond winning the game;we have to show 3mbet our competitive abilities,andtactics.We have to show our ability to fight,” Pizzi told press ahead of the game. Saudi Arabia suffered a devastating 5-0 loss at the opening game of the World Cup againstthe host nation, Russia. Saudi Arabia's fans are waiting for a response from their national team to keep their chances to reach the second round. 3mbet
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