Bierhoff: There was no approach from Real Madrid to sign Low

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Bierhoff: There was no approach from Real Madrid to sign Low

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Oliver Bierhoff denied that Real Madrid were interested in Joachim Low as a replacement to Zinedine Zidane.www sbobet The German national team sporting director was at a meeting of their federation earlier this week where they were looking to organize their ideas to try and host the 2024 Euro Cup. "There was no contact from Real Madrid," Bierhoff clarified at the presentation."Low renewed his contract with us before the World Cup and assured us that once he signed, he would stay in. Many teams are interested in his style of play but as far as I know, there was no contract," said Bierhoff. In addition to this, at a press conference before the World Cup, www sbobet Low himself had discarded the idea. The president of the DFB, Reinhard Grindel, also answered questions regarding the current head coach. At the moment, the German is signed to a contract which has him with the DFB until 2022. This deal could also be extended by another two years and reach the 2024 Euro Cup that Germany is hoping to host. Grindel acknowledged the talent that Low has for managing a team and noted that the possibility of him continuing six years down the road shouldn't be disregarded. "If you are motivated, have new ideas and the ability to take on the challenge of building a new team and developing the new generation of German football talent, why?" www sbobet
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Re: Bierhoff: There was no approach from Real Madrid to sign

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