After retiring, I would like to be a businessman: Ronaldo

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After retiring, I would like to be a businessman: Ronaldo

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Real Madrid striker, Cristiano Ronaldo, is clear that when he hangs up his boots to retire, he will not remain linked to the world of football.

His intention, as revealed in an interview he gave to former Juventus star, Alessandro Del Piero, forสโบเบ็ตSky Italia after receiving the award for the best player of the year of the Globe Soccer Awards in Dubai, is to engage in business and film.

The Portuguese footballer explained, “I know that when I retire, I will have a good life. I do not say that because I have a lot of money, but because I will try new things; for example, I want to try to make movies, then I have my companies: my hotels, my gyms, My line with Nike. I want to learn to be a businessman; I started planning my future when I was 27 or 28 years, a long time ago.”

In spite of everything, Ronaldoสโบเบ็ตsaid that he does not plan on hurrying to retire, "I still feel a lot of passion for football, I love winning and I feel I can achieve something more every year, people talk about my age, but sometimes I do not agree; many younger players suffer injuries, because they do not take care of their body.”

“I am 32, almost 33-years-old, I am no longer a child, I know, but I feel strong and motivated, in my mind I keep noticing my strength and this makes the difference for me, " he said.สโบเบ็ต
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