Marcelino blames Gabriel over Las Palmas loss

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Marcelino blames Gabriel over Las Palmas loss

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sbobet Valencia manager, Marcelino García believes that the red card that the club’s defender, Gabriel Paiulista got was the main reason behind his team 2-1 loss to Las Palmas on Saturday night in the Spanish League.

“Our own errors condemned us; we made a mistake with the red card. Everything changed when Gabriel wassbobetsent off, until then we were quite superior and we could have been ahead," Marcelino told the press after the game.

The referee granted Las Palmas a penalty with the score at 1-1 after the ball touched Gabriel’s hand inside the area. Gabriel was out of control after the decision and the referee sent him off for his bad behavior.

Marcelino criticized his Braziliansbobetdefender, Gabriel, he said “I've never seen a referee change a decision, so you take it and that's that. There was still a lot of time to turn the game around."

Valencia lost 2-1 to Las Palmas after a 1-0 lead five minutes into the match and they stayed on 40 points, 11 points behind the leaders, Barcelona who still have a game-in-hand on Sunday night against Real Betis.
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