Georgina Rodriguez gives glimpse into family life as she tak

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Georgina Rodriguez gives glimpse into family life as she tak

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Georgina Rodriguez has quite the brood to look after at the tender age of 24. But it looks like she’s taking it all in her stride –ทาง เข้า sbo and even managing to take a break to hit the hot tub. The model, who welcomed her first child with Cristiano Ronaldo in November 2017, gave us a glimpse into family life as she enjoyed a swim with her stepchildren Cristiano Jr and twins Eva and Mateo. The sweet picture, shared to Georgina’s Instagram, saw the 24-year-old wearing a black swimsuit as she satทาง เข้า sbo in a Jacuzzi with Cristiano’s children​.Georgina held onto a pink float that held little Mateo, who was born last June, while Mateo’s twin sister Eva sat in a blue float. Cristiano Jr, 7, held onto his little sister’s float and smiled up at the camera. Georgina’s picture caption, translated from Spanish into English, read: ‘Love becomes the appetite for immortality.’ Real Madrid star Cristiano, 33, became father to his first son in 2010, whose mother he has never identified. The footballer gained full custody of his mini-me. ทาง เข้า sbo
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