Mourinho: They abused me for 90 minutes, I just wanted to he

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Mourinho: They abused me for 90 minutes, I just wanted to he

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Manchester United completed a late comeback to overcome Juventus in Turin on Wednesday but the3mbet headlines will be Jose Mourinho's after he responded to persistent abuse by raising his hand to his ear after the match in a gesture towards the Juve fans.Juventus' players reacted badly and surrounding the United boss, who was then accompanied to the dressing room by two of his own players."They insulted me for 90 minutes for doing my job and nothing else," Mourinho said to Sky Sports afterwards."I made the gesture because I wanted to hear them a little more." 3mbet I wouldn't do it now, it was in the heat of the moment, but I came here as a professional and they insulted my family so I reacted."Mourinho went on to speak positively about his side's win and overall performance."We played at a high level," he said."We cannot be better than this and we won against a team with different goals to us at all levels." 3mbet
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