Real Madrid need to rediscover scoring touch

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Real Madrid need to rediscover scoring touch

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The need to score a goal is the message which has been passed around the Real Madrid dressing room ahead of the Champions League clash away to Bayern Munich. sbo128 It would appear obvious but it is more the case than normal due to the lack of a finishing touch in recent games against Atletico, Juventus, Malaga and Athletic, and Zinedine wants his players to be more direct than they have been."We cannot miss as much" has been what Zidane has been saying recently with the fate of the season resting on how they get on in the Champions League.Real created plenty of chances in the derby against Atletico but they couldn't find a way past Oblak and the match ended 0-0. It was the same against Juventus and the 3-0 from the first leg was almost not enough as they failed with 13 shots, sbo128 had a goal annulled, hit the woodwork and missed two one-on-ones.In the game with Malaga they scored with an Isco free-kick and Casemiro but they were the only two goals against the bottom team in the table who provided a shock in the 93rd minute. Against Athletic, 23 shots and one goal by Ronaldo.It has been Ronaldo who has managed to keep Real on track in the last four games, scoring against Atletico, Juve and Athletic. The inability to score is similar to what was happening earlier in the season and a look at the statistics says everything. Against Atletico, Juve, Malaga and Athletic, one win, two draws and a defeat after 93 shots. sbo128
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